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Exchange_English Language Fellow Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Individual grants are awarded to two levels of EL Fellows. 1) Experienced TEFL/TESL professionals, preferably with overseas teaching experience (seniors) engage in teacher training and participate in broad-reaching activities such as designing curricula, organizing and conducting workshops and seminars, conducting program evaluation, needs analysis and English for Specific Purposes (ESP). 2) recent M.A. graduates within the last five years (juniors) serve as full time teachers of English as a foreign language while gaining international teaching experience. They may teach up to 20 classroom hours of English per a week and also participate in or organize additional activities such as curriculum and materials development, in-service training, workshops and seminars. Applicants for Fellow positions have a history of working with international exchanges, strong cross cultural experience and management expertise and are placed in host countries at local ministries of education, universities, teacher training institutions and other ESL educational institutions. Program agency grants, specifying terms and conditions to meet the program goals are recommended by a grant review panel and approved at the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs before award. Individual Fellow grants, administered by the program grantee organization, include basic stipend, round trip transportation, living allowance, medical insurance, miscellaneous and book allowances.